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Bluegrass Harmonizers

For many years I lived over a music store that catered to folk and bluegrass musicians. The folkies and the bluegrassers were my only neighbors for ten years. So they figure prominently in my work. I have known many people like these guys. These are acoustic musicians, when playing just for fun they don't use amplifiers. They are great on-stage but when just jamin' for fun they all face each other so that they can hear one another and put their own voice and the voice of the instruments in the right spot so that the harmony blends to just the right sound.

I think of my work as folk art. I appreciate other folk artists.

This piece has five figures, a banjo, a guitar, an upright bass, a mandolin and a fiddle (violin).

This piece is miniature art, about 9 inches wide by 5 inches high, 1/12 scale, an inch to the foot of real life (maybe a tad less). One of a kind (OOAK) totally original three dimensional work of art.

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