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Oh, He Won't Be Any Trouble

When I was a young mother I sewed a lot. I had a nice friend that had never had any children. She belonged to a quilting group. She invited me to join them, and I told her that I would like to, but I had a child to take care of at that hour, and I did not think it a good idea to bring him. She said, "Oh he won't be any trouble." Well I did not take her up on her kind offer, but I have had fun imagining what the reaction would have been if I had shown up with a lively, messy little boy. Here I am with him and a ball and a chocolate ice-cream cone. The dear lady's house is all white and pink--even her cat. Each of the quilting ladies has her own sewing basket, with all of the implements of creation that she might need for the day.

This piece has seven figures, one cat, one rocking chair, a quilting frame with a quilt on it, a braided rug and six work baskets, and six miniature chairs.

This piece is about 13 inches across by 5 inches high, 1/12 scale, that is inch to the foot to real life. All work is one of a kind (OOAK), totally original.

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