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Modern Woman

To celebrate my own generation's bewildered entry to the techno world. She was content with her candlestick phone and old radio, but everyone asks, "Do you have email?" or "You can find that on the web." So here she is learning a new confusing language and a whole new culture.

This piece has an old mission desk with a tablecloth on it, a latch hook rug, three cats, a basket of yarn, loose balls of yarn, a rocking chair with pads, a foot stool, an old style office chair, a bridge lamp and two plants, two marble topped tables, a cathedral radio, a candlestick telephone, a computer and the old lady herself. It is one of a kind (OOAK).

Size: About 6 inches high by 13 inches wide, 1/12 scale, one of a kind (OOAK) three-dimensional miniature art

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