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The Holidays Are Brought to You by Mom

I like to sing the praises of the unsung, taken for granted heroes of life. For a big holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas or any big celebration in any culture, it is the women who make it happen, especially the moms. Here is the whole family, with visions of goodies dancing through their heads. Except for mom...Mom has her hand inside the turkey. She is balancing many things inside her head. She is calculating cooking times. She will have to get some pans washed so that she can get them off the counter, or use them again. She is thinking about what she needs to do before she can set the table. (Are the good dishes dusty? What did I do with that table cloth?) Aunt so-and-so is allergic, cousin so-and-so is a vegan, don't bring up the subject of x with uncle Joe, etc. Then there's gifts, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decorating, invitations. Of course, there is still all of the everyday stuff--laundry, brushing out the toilet, helping with homework, etc. The wastebasket is full, the dishes need washing, the baby has the dog dish on his head. There are toys on the floor. The pets are underfoot. But no one notices that anything needs to be done. ------ The family would like to have some pie--call it brunch, the turkey is not even in the oven yet!

This piece has 6 people, kitchen stove, sink, counter, table, chair, bowls, mixer, assorted pans and dishes, pies, rolls, food in pans, raw turkey, two cats, collie dog, toys, full wastebasket, peck basket of potatoes, peck basket of apples, and dog dishes.

Size: About 13 inches across by 5 1/2 inches high. This work of art is original and one of a kind (OOAK).

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