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But He Likes To Play With the Girl Bunnies

When I was 6 and my sister was 4, our father really did not like to have pets in the house. Our adult half brother convinced him that my sister and I should have a pet. My father caved in, and our brother gave us a big white male rabbit. We were thrilled. We loved "Fuzzy." Then one day Fuzzy got out and decided to try the wild life. Sister and I were very sad and upset. Everyone told my parents that a big fat white rabbit would die fast in the wild. Weeks went by, no sign of Fuzzy. My dad said he would get us another rabbit. We went rabbit shopping. I fell in love with a little black female bunny, and sister could not part with a spotted one. "Oh well," said our father. "They are both females." So he bought them both for us.

You guessed it. Fuzzy returned. My father sighed and built another cage, mother and father both admonishing "Don't ever put Fuzzy and the girl bunnies in the same cage. He might hurt the girl bunnies."

When we were 7 and 5 our father died from a heart attack, a very devastating blow to all of us. Our pets became even more important to us. One day we thought that since we were right there to guard the girl bunnies we would try letting Fuzzy play with them. He seemed so lonely to us.

We were so pleased that he seemed to have had such a good time and so did the girl bunnies. We ran to tell our mother that Fuzzy didn't hurt the girl bunnies. He just liked to play leap frog with them. Many more stories came from this, but that's the story of this piece. Oh my poor, beleagured mother.

This piece has three people and three bunny rabbits. This piece is one of a kind (OOAK) and totally original.

This is a miniature art piece about 5 inches high and 7 inches wide, about 1/12 scale, an inch to the foot of real life or just a tad less.

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