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Fur Bearers

Wherever you go there are cultures within cultures. Sometimes one group is oblivious of the other's disapproval. Sometimes they just don't care. Here is a scene on a street in a community with strong animal rights/vegetarian values. Here are two ladies in violence free cotton clothes. They have net shopping bags full of organic food. They have large, shaggy, well cared for dogs. The third lady is very proud of her new fur coat and her new fur purse (which looks much like the dog behind her). She has two tiny dogs that have sweaters on. There are squirrels in the tree that are the same color as the coat.

This piece has three women, four dogs, two net shopping bags (woven from wire) full of bread and vegetables, one park bench, one tree, two squirrels and one fur purse.

Size: About 7 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high, 1/12 scale, an inch to the foot of real life. This is an original, one of a kind (OOAK) work of art.

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