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The Baptizing

River baptism was a very important part of the lives of protestant Christian, rural culture of Appalachian folk. I chose to depict the Afro American Church congregation because the event seemed to me to be much more of a colorful pageant. here is the choir singing. Friends and family dressed in their best, the pastor in the river and the baptizing subjects themselves, garbed in white garments made for the occasion. I lived near a river as a child and observed the ceremony of several different congregations.

This piece has thirteen figures. The characters are on the river bank and in the river. There are waterside plants and it shows the current of the river swirling around the people being baptized. This sculpture is one of a kind and totally original.

This piece is about 13 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high, a three dimensional original miniature work of art.

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